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Yes. Hamas Ideology is running into Italian Sardine’s movement

The new Italian left-movement "Sardine" has Hamas supporters among its ranks? How the country that saw Fascism be born can give political space to those who support the destruction of Israel?

The “Sardines” is a new political movement based in Italy. It is born recently with the purpose of act against the center-right in regional elections, especially in the North of the Italian peninsula. The leader of the movement, Mattia Santori, is a 32 years old activist, and all the main representative are thirties with no proposals but full of pretensions.

But the most interesting character – the one that has monopolized press attention in Italy is certainly the twenty-five year old Nibras Asba. Palestinian, Muslim and activist against right-wing parties, the young woman presents a background of discrimination and anti-Zionism. What's worse, the young woman is the wife of Suleyman Hijazi. The man – who was born in Hebron – is known for supporting the ideology and terrorist exploits of Hamas. Nibras emerged during the Sardine demonstration in Rome, during which she attacked Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, respectively the leaders of the Lega Nord and Fratelli D'Italia parties. From the stage in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, the woman made the “verse” to the famous dance parody of Giorgia Meloni rallies (I am a woman, I am a mother, I am Cristian), shouting the sentence "I am a woman, I am a Muslim, I am the daughter of Palestinians". She underlined that Matteo Salvini is a “Stupid and ignorant”, accusing both the politicians to be racist.

Defense against hatred and violence does not seem to be an interesting topic anymore, when it comes to Jews and Israel. In fact, the young woman married a notorious hater of Israel, defending his position to the point that both of them in the past supported the Hamas terror group with po Facebook posts.

Last year, on the 15th of December, Nibras wrote “Zionist Israeli occupation soldier ask a detained Palestinian child: do you really believe that a small stone will lead to the collapse of our state? And the culd answered: it is enough for me that my stone forced you to think about the collapse of your state”. The same post was shared by Samantha Comizzoli, Pro-Palestinian activist author of the grotesque anti-Semitic film "Israel the Cancer". The movie – just to have an idea – compares IDF soldiers to Nazis and Jewish people to a “disease” (any similarity with Goebbels?). What is worst, in 2014 Samantha posted a picture where she was standing in front of an oven (yes, oven against Jews) showing three fingers. These fingers were dedicated to Eyal, Gilad and Naftali, the three boys kidnapped and then killed by Hamas during 2014 summer. Samantha Comizzoli, should be note, was arrested and deported from Israel for illegal residence and use of fake Palestinian identification documents.

Let’s get back to Nibras. During the anniversary of the liberation of Italy (on April 25th) she published a post on Facebook supporting Palestinian resistance. On May 14th 2018, the “Palestinian” Sardine wrote on Facebook "Zionism is the most ruthless form of colonialism currently active, treacherous and rooted as cloaked in a mixture of mythology, religion and a mountain of lies and propaganda. Religious Jews abhor Zionism and with it, the MONSTER called Israel”.

Suleyman Hijazi – her husband – is very well known in Italy for his capacity to slips in lefties demonstration, not rarely begging for space to propagate anti-zionist messages and support for Hamas movement. But his background is far more worrying. He has been deployed in the past as a spokesman for the local 'Islamic community', in defense of a suspect terrorist in Italy. This man he was defending, was investigated by Digos (Italian General Investigations and Special Operations Division) for training in activities with purposes related to international terrorism.

In 2015 the man published a post of direct support to Hamas "Our resistance movement that fought and continues to fight in Palestine, Hamas, is considered terrorist by Egypt and Israel. These acts against the resistance show that Gaza is the only way to reach freedom. We have an enemy who takes orders from Israel and America. Al Sisi has closed the Rafah crossing hoping that the people will turn against the resistance, but they do not know that we are a people willing to die to come back free. The situation is dramatic but Inshallah will be stronger despite all these plots and injustices. Always with resistance."

As the Italian press is stressing these days, Suleyman Hijazi is also linked to the Beneficial Association of Solidarity with the Palestinian People (chaired by Mohamed Hannoun), whose logo is a map of Palestine that completely covers the State of Israel. Supporting a map in which Israel does not figure, undoubtedly means supporting the destruction of the Jewish nation, as far as the pacifism behind these people lies. Among other comments posted online by Suleyman Hijazi: "Jews have always lived as guests in Israel" (seriously?) and "I would have voted for Hamas because the previous leaderships have shown that they do not know or want to fight corruption".

What will be the political future of the "sardine", it is not predictable nor known. What is certain is that the Italian left, a fierce defender of the partisan resistance and of the freedom of the Jewish people, is accepting Hamas terrorism supporters in its ranks. In a democracy like Italy, there can be no ideological division over the existence of the state of Israel or the right of Israel to defend itself against Hamas terrorism. In his speech at Piazza San Giovanni, Nibras said "We will not allow you to re-open the black pages of the past". The only black page that is reopening is anti-Semitism and support for the destruction of Israel, and unfortunately it is opening up precisely by those who collect supports pretending to defend minorities.

Rebecca Mieli

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